For anyone still scratching their heads about how Meek Mill was able to snag Nicki Minaj, his answer is simple: “Being me, that’s how I got her.” For their joint interview with GQ, the couple known as Omeeka opens up about how they fell for each other, misconceptions people have, and how they spend their free time together. They also touched on that one time Meek flew off the handle and put Drake in his Twitter crosshairs, an incident Nicki Minaj takes no responsibility for.

“And that’s the thing people don’t understand. Meek is a grown ass man. I may not agree with everything he says,” she said. “She likes none of that shit. No matter who I’m talking to,” Meek added.

Though their courtship is admittedly different than that of people with a lot less fame and fortune, Nicki insists that she and Meek are just like “any other couple in the hood.” While they have gone on double dates with Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys, as well as Jay Z and Beyonce, the two also shared that they don’t need famous companions to enjoy their time together. Nicki also shared how Meek’s time in jail brought them closer together.

“I remember sitting on my balcony at my house and just being on the phone with him until it started getting dark outside,” she said. “And I was just like yo, I’m in trouble. I just knew that first day, it was that long conversation. I was like uh-oh.”

While Nicki Minaj’s mother had her apprehensions about Meek Mill, the usually tough Philly rapper turned on the mush when singing his girlfriend’s praises, calling her “pretty as f**k” and “bad as s**t” while heralding her hustle. In response to naysayers who have dubbed her relationship as a publicity stunt, the Young Money rapstress revealed that she had plans of being public with her next relationship before the luck man was dubbed as Meek Mill.

“We were friends for a very long time and he was someone that I was able to really confide in. Nothing that we do is for TV,” she said. “My decision to be public about my relationship came before I even met Meek. I was in another relationship and I said after I drop my third album that I don’t care anymore what people think, I’m going to be vocal about who I’m with.”