Breezy and Baby Mama Nia Guzman have finally reached a legal agreement when it comes to custody of baby Royalty.

As a source close to the case shared with TMZ, Chris has been granted joint physical and legal custody of his baby girl. Chris gets Royalty 12 days out of each month, with no supervised visitation.

Royalty also officially became a Brown — both parents agreed that she’ll take on Chris’ surname, with no middle name.

As far as child support, Nia will receive $2,500 a month, as well as $15k in back support. Chris will also cover costs for Royalty’s schooling, health insurance, medical bills and all nannies.

Chris cut it close with hsi drug test. Sources say he “failed,” testing positive for kush and codeine — but the judge let that one go because Breezy has an prescription on file for each substance.

Seems like an overall victory for Chris. Hopefully his legal team can be equally as effective ensuring that he gets to perform in Australia.

And so is his baby mother: