In your daily necessary dose of irony, fast fashion titan H&M is suing rival fashion factory Forever 21 for, you guessed it, copyright infringement. H&M and Forever 21 could admirably be called the Robin Hoods of the fashion industry; mimicking the designs of the top tier labels and reappropriating them for the lesser financially blessed folks of the world. However, a code of conduct exists amongst these large corporations, and Forever 21 jacking the design of a H&M tote is completely off limits. The lawsuit revolves around a canvas totebag that H&M released earlier in the summer, and reads “Beach Please” across a graphic of palm trees, that Forever 21 literally copied down to the T. H&M, which officially patented the bag in June of 2015, is suing Forever 21 on terms of copyright and trade dress infringement, false designation of origin, as well as unjust competition for selling a bag that looks practically identical to their original tote. Take a look at both bags, and stay tuned for more of this pot calling the kettle black case, which will probably be quietly settled out of court.
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