The thirst is real! Ashanti’s stalker is back at it again. Devar Hurd, was arrested in 2009 for stalking the singer and sending lewd pictures of himself. He was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail, which was hardly enough, because he tried to contact her and her family upon release.

In a Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, Hurd got to tell his side of the story as he decided to represent for the case. In his mind, Hurd believes that Ashanti only had him arrested because she thought he was cheating.. MmmohmyGod!!
ashanti stalker
“She thought I was two-timing her, that I wasn’t being loyal and trustworthy as I claimed to be to her,” Hurd said in his opening statement.

Hurd called himself a player in the industry, but said he would never cheat on Ashanti… the same Ashanti who never gave him the time of day.

He dodged a bullet when the previous attempt to convict him was ruled a mistrial due to a sick juror. However, Hurd still couldn’t get enough and he went against strict restrianing orders recently when he tweeted at Ashanti and followed her sister. The stalker even took pictures with Ashanti’s sister at an event, knowing that she wouldn’t recognize him!! Now that’s just insane!!

Ashanti and her family have beefed up security because of Hurd and just wants him to stop. If convicted this time Hurd could face up to four years in jail but from the looks of thing he’ll be back.