Drake won a huge victory on Tuesday when a libel lawsuit against him was dismissed.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Barbara Scheper threw out the suit filed by SpectiCast, a film distributor that sued the performer earlier this year. The conflict stemmed from the company’s documentary, Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage. Days before the project’s release, Drake spoke out against it on social media, warning his fans that it was an “unauthorized” film that he had no active part in.

SpectiCast sued Drake, claiming the release of the documentary was damaged by his supposedly libelous statements, as more than 100 theaters allegedly canceled screenings. Furthermore, the company claimed they did have Drake’s endorsement, and that he broke a “contract” when he bashed the project online. But at a hearing earlier this month, Drake’s attorney argued he had a right to free speech, and insisted he never had any involvement with SpectiCast whatsoever.

Even Judge Scheper called the company out, saying it seemed “strange” they “had no contact with Drake leading up to the promotion and release of this picture.” SpectiCast purported to be in touch with Drake’s handlers, but the star’s attorney said otherwise, arguing, “This is an attempt to blame my client for what they did.” The judge apparently agreed, issuing a ruling this week that dismissed the claims against Drake and throwing out the case.