As part of their 100th issue celebration, Fader just published a story about Lauryn Hill and the necessity in 2015 for a new body of work from the Fugees legend following her classic 1998 solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Buried in that story is information from Hill’s current producer Phil Nicolo, suggesting that new music could actually be a possibility:

She started back touring for the last five years as a way of excercising her artistic muscle and financing her recording plans. Phil Nicolo one of her present producers and founder of roughhouse, the Fudges orignal label. Phil said shes closer than ever to finishing up her Miseducation…. he also said that she almost build up materials to release her new album.Nicolo describes this work more as ” much more musical” it is political but also deeply personal.

“When she was first getting back into it, there were times when she wasn’t as positive,” stated Nicolo. “But I think she’s in the best place I’ve ever seen her. She seems happy and very centered. When I see her, her face lights up.” We’re going to thread lightly with our optimism on this one, but if Ms. Hill is indeed cooking up some musical goodness in the studio, we here at VIBE are in full support.
The film’s producer Jayson Jackson reiterated Nicolo’s sentiments.

“I can say this: I know creating makes her very happy,” said Jackson. “I couldn’t see her doing as much as she did in any state other than happiness.

Though that’s obviously nothing conclusive, it’s always nice to hear that one of a generation’s most influential musicians is working on something new. All we can do now is wait — as we’ve been doing for quite some time.