It seems like the Unruly boss “Fall in love” and we’re not talking about his hit song on the Work Permit Riddim.

Popcaan, real name Andrae Sutherland took to Instagram to show off his “Queen” early Sunday morning with a simple caption “My boobie where you at? King and queen nah mean❤️” with the couple decked in all white.

However the 27-year-old Dancehall Artiste fans quickly went into a frenzy after the ladies realized that their “Poppy” was taken and others weren’t pleased about her “Colour”

“My heart was crushed 💔💔💔💔” one user posted on the photo.

After a few mixed comments, it had hit an all time low when one user posted

“A she u pick…white trash ..smfh…that’s what happens when u broke ass black niggas get a lil money…..u go after bitches that didn’t know u exist!!!!!!! Big up #mavado #vybzkartel #aidonia dem niggas real to the link.”

The hate continued with users stating

“Can she make red peas soup poppy????”

“Were u black queen at…..smh”

” if he wants a slave master daughter let him go men think the only way they can really been seeing is by posting up with a white woman. Lmaooooo the done lost a lot of fans.”

On a brighter side, a few users shared different views on the topic:

“Bumbocl***t controversy. Unno cyan be Jamaican and ah trash di gyal like that. “Out of many one people” Di one dem ah hate, unno pu**y sour and Yuh mouth taste same weh. Love is love it nuh discriminate. Ah real fan woulda support di ting instead of trash di man fi liking what him like.”

” Tf these comments r ridiculous… Black ppl r a bunch of dumbasses… Love doesn’t come in any colour shape or form…. It’s his relationship no one knows what happened in the past relationship y he moved on so idk y y’all feel the need to put y’all input… He’s a grown ass man that can make his own decisions…. Idk y y’all hating on the snow bunny what did she do to y’all,you ppl need to start thinking mature… We might hear all the bad stories the whites did to blacks but not every white is against black…. He chose her because prolly she could cook better fuck better suck his dick better or he show that she care about him better than the girl he had before… Stop worrying about popcaan he still getting money he talking trips around the world while y’all hating ass suffering in Jamaica…. Cudos to you papi if u think Thas where your heart is then do u,I’ll support it whether she Asian,white,Latina,black etc”

Popcaan was recently rumoured to be dating Dancehall “Bad Gyal” Ce’Cile

Popcaan has been getting a lot of international buzz these days since his “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” collaboration with American rapper Young Thug, ‘Good Times’ is produced by Jamie xx, arguably the hottest beatmaker in England.