Many rappers do not take the time to respond to any fan mail or special shout outs via social media, but Eminem is not one of those rappers.

According to the Southern Daily Echo, one of his young fans, a 10-year-old boy from England, recently reached out to him via Facebook and Slim Shady took notice. Teejay Stainer was born without a calf bone and was forced to undergo an amputation at just 14-months-old. He credits Eminem for making him feel “brave” enough to go on despite his disability.

Stainer has prosthetic legs decorated with Eminem’s face and his only wish was for his hero to see them. His mother, Georgina, uploaded a picture to Facebook of Stainer and his prostethic legs with him holding up a sign that read “These are my Eminem legs I’ve had made. My wish is for Eminem to see them.”

After more than 20,000 shares, his dream came true. The Detroit rapper sent Stainer an autographed copy of his 2010 album Recovery with a message that read “To Teejay, I saw your pic and read your message! Thanks for the support!”

“I think he sent me that album in particular because of the recovery that I’ve made,” Stainer told the Southern Daily Echo.