AS a child, Marion Hall recalls watching her father play cricket at the field near to Galina Primary School which she attended. Known to dancehall fans as Lady Saw, she has noticed a deterioration of the school and the St Mary seaside town where she was raised and is determined to contribute to its revival.

On Monday, the deejay donated two computers and other items (books, bags, uniforms, etc) to the school she attended in the late 1970s. The gesture was made through her Lady Saw Foundation which was formed three years ago.

“The school is in need of a lotta things…I always think of going down there an’ doing something to help,” Saw told Splash. The foundation also donated uniforms and other items to students at the Port Maria high School, also in her home parish of St Mary.

The 45-year-old Saw would like to help construct a perimeter fence at Galina Primary, as well as install air conditioners in select rooms there. She plans to reach out to corporate companies for support.

“It’s so hot there, I really have to commend the teachers for working in those conditions,” she said.

Lady Saw said she started the foundation to assist abused women and children, but its objectives are not limited to those causes. On October 1, the organisation helped feed a number of homeless people in the downtown Kingston