Fresh off of releasing his latest song on the Festoval 868 Riddim, Sekon Sta among other soca artistes had their songs taken down from YouTube.

Earlier this week, Sekon Sta, along with Preedy and Erphaan Alves each released songs on the Festival 868 Riddim. A few days later, however, Sekon Sta was accused of stealing the music used on the track to create “Certified”.

He was contacted by an “Islandboy Rick J” who claimed that he had the music first and Sekon Sta sampled his music without permission and passed it off as his own. In the exchange of messages between the two, Islandboy Rick J stated that “you should have stuck with ur flow and ur voice and ur hype not mines”. He also claimed that popular music site JuliansPromosTV was biased against Indian artistes, saying that “he never upload ah indian thing”.

Sekon Sta’s video for “Certified” was flagged for copyright infringement and removed from JuliansPromosTV’s YouTube channel. The other two songs on the riddim, “#Baddest Team” and “Veteran” by Erphaan Alves and Preedy respectively, were also pulled from YouTube.

Islandboy Rick J has since apologized after receiving confirmation from his producer that Sekon Sta had not, in fact, sampled from him. Unfortunately, however, JuliansPromosTV has not re-uploaded the videos and is refraining from uploading any new soca to its channel, at least temporarily.

No word to date as to when the music promoters will start sharing new soca to its social media account.