Tommy Lee Sparta has gotten some of Vybz Kartel fans irate after an audio recording became public.

The Mobay deejay recently had a fallout with his former friend and producer Jr Dillinger, who also called himself nephew demon. The circumstances surrounding their fallout is still sketchy but the Trinidadian is suing Tommy Lee for royalties and music ownership.

Dillinger says that he wrote over 30 songs for Tommy Lee and recently found out that the “Spartan Soldier” deejay copyrighted those tracks under his government name Leroy Russell.

The two recently got into a heated back and forth threatening each other. But somehow Vybz Kartel got hit in the crossfire with Lee referring to his former mentor as weak and soft hearted.

“Kartel and Slim a Christian right now to my reach,” the deejay said while responding to accusations that Vybz Kartel and Slim extorted him.

Dillinger then called him out for trash talking the former Portmore Empire boss.

Vybz Kartel fans on social media didn’t take too kindly to Tommy Lee Sparta name dropping their idol.

Here is what Dillinger post on Instagram.

Mi fear nuh fear no boy send dem that message anything a anything mi nuh hard to find from mi expose you @tommyleesparta all your social media shut down but mi know you style and mi know you feel like this ago fade away but your problems with me just start you nuh even see di smoke yet much less fi di fire you a send your friends dem to threaten mi like that a do mi something mi know bout intimidation ? No man can't stop mi from coming a Jamaica Jamacia a mi place of business mi a forward Jamaica in a few weeks before mi forward mi post my ticket info date and time mi @jr.dillinger want a boy fi try make a wrong move mi nuh no bad man and mi nuh no social media gangster but just remember wah mi say anything a anything you a thief my youth and mi nuh rate you but as mi say make you lil fans and friends them run of them mouth everything that's in the dark will come to light very soon watch 🌄 If you never meet a bad coolie boy yet your in luck My name Dillinger 👳🏽 Mi a bad coolie #do #wah #you #wah Suck Pussy Leroy #RATCHETKILLER 🔪

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