On Wednesday, 14th October, the Peace Memorial Hall opens it’s doors to students, youths and individuals of creative interests all over St. Vincent for the “Arts Alive” Symposium.
Rodney's Symposium
The symposium is hosted by pan star, Rodney Small and focuses on music, arts, dance & drama.

Speaking with Hot97SVG on the inspiration behind the symposium, Rodney Small outlined that he has a love and passion for the creative and performing arts education, which was a part of his studies in Jamaica. He went on to say that he was approach, last year, by a lot of individuals, especially youths, interested in exploring the creative arts but unsure of their next move, what to expect or how they can be successful in the creative arts industry. Instead of trying to advise the youths individually, Rodney Small and his Steel Expressions team, using funds they raised last year, decided to create a project for youth development in the creative arts. The symposium is the first phase of this particular project, after which there would be continued master classes, mentorship programs and school tours.

Rodney describes the “Arts Alive” symposium as one that is not a “sit down” type, rather, one that is full of creative energy and vibes, where youths are presented with an opportunity to meet and speak with some of the established individuals in the creative industry.

With an impressive cast of speakers, former Minister of Culture – Rene Baptiste who is also the keynote speaker, cultural officer & Toastmaster – Miss Gloria Williams, super producer – Mr Alex Barnwell and president of the Youlou Pan Movement – Miss Oneka Morgan, all selected because they are face and icons of the creative arts and because of their wealth of knowledge and experience, Rodney and his team are hoping that the patrons of the “Arts Alive” symposium would view the arts as something that is as equally important as other career choices. It is also their hope that the youths will have a better understanding of all other elements of the arts that would mold them into becoming an artiste of a professional creative individual.