22 year old Devin Clarke, an american model with Bajan lineage, has been modelling since the age of 15 but has recently been scouted by Tyra Banks and is currently competing in season 22 of the America’s Next Top Model tv show.

Devin recently visited the island of Barbados to learn more about his heritage and to meet “his people.” Dresed in bright green jacket designed and made by Vincentian menswear designer, Odini Sutherland of Peta Odini, Devin sat down with Barbados Today’s fashion section, “Fashion Today” to talk about his life. After outlining his experiences on America’s Next Top Model and declaring that he is determined to win, Devin further on to explain that his visit to Barbados is not only personal but important to his career as a model because his exotic look is attributed to his heritage, saying that on meeting him, Tyra Banks immediately knew that he was from the Caribbean.

Fashion Today | Barbados Today

Fashion Today | Barbados TodayDevin is a 22-year-old American model with a rich Bajan heritage, his grandfather being Barbadian. This is his first trip to the island and he has come to get closer to 'his people' and learn more about his culture. Devin is also currently on cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model after he was scouted by supermodel Tyra Banks.Read the issue: http://bit.ly/BTF_Devin with Devin Lj Clark

Posted by Barbados Today on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Devon aims to be the top Bajan model and hopes to someday do a shoot alongside Rihanna.