BET held its annual ceremony to honour members of the Hip Hop community on Tuesday night. Compared to last year, not as many people tuned in to watch the network’s 2015 Hip Hop Awards.

According to reports, this year’s event only drew 1.807 million viewers with a simulcast on MTV adding 372,000 viewers. The 2014 edition of the BET Hip Hop Awards brought in 2.937 million viewers.

The awards show was facing a boycott from some critics that were upset BET did not air the 20th anniversary “Justice Or Else” Million Man March on Saturday. Social media users launched an online campaign to encourage others not to watch the program.

The awards show also had to compete against the first Democratic presidential debate of the 2016 campaign which brought in 15 million viewers. In addition, Major League Baseball aired the National League Division series during the same time slot.