Can anyone deny The Game is the most generous rapper in the business and if you ever did anything for his career you can expect a reward like an expensive race car.

Sean “Diddy” Combs raps about getting a Ferrari from The Game in their new duet “Standing On Ferraris.”

The Documentary rapper has confirmed that he did buy the rap mogul a Ferrari as a token for his gratitude for helping his career in the early stage.

“To tell you the truth I made a mistake because I had like $250,000 that I got from doing a show in Dubai,” The Game said. “Because I ran with Diddy before I ran with Dre. I was running around with Diddy. But we never worked on an album or nothing. When I told Diddy that Dre was trying to sign me and Diddy was like, Go do your thing man. That ended being my whole career, so I was always grateful that Diddy didn’t do no bulls***. He was a real. So I felt like I owed Diddy something, so I bought him a Ferrari. It was just a Tuesday.”

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