The long awaited patriotic single and winner of Ragga Soca Monarch 2015 “This Island is Mine” made it’s debut last night at the Flowt Beach Bar in Ratho Mill.

The event, put together by Tourism Authority and the TIIM creative production team, was held to give first preview to the stakeholders and sponsors who contributed to the reality of the music video. The Tourism Authority created a patriotic, yet elegant ambiance at the Flowt Beach Bar, covering the beachy furniture with fabric and accentuating them with throw pillows in the national colors. The beach decks each featured two male and two female models whose upper torso displayed painted scenes of national and cultural relevance.

After opening with an amazing musical interlude from Vincentian pannist Rodney Small and his Ultimate band, IMG_9504 the launch progressed with speeches from the two young Vincentian videographers who filmed and edited the video – Rasheid Sutherland of Boss Raw Films and Cauldric Fraser of Sparks Aerial Solutions, IMG_9506 Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell – producer and stakeholder of the song and video, IMG_9508 Glen Beach – CEO of the Tourism Authority which is one of the sponsors of the video IMG_9510 and finally writer, performer Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle. IMG_9513
The speeches reflected the different perspectives and aims of the creation of the music video. The videographers recounted their experiences of working along with Skinny Fabulous and Kubiyashi, Kubiyashi outline the importance of the sponsorship of the arts in SVG, a subject which Glen Beache expanded upon in his speech, focusing on the presentation of a product and Skinny Fabulous took the audience on a little trip into his past to explain that the music video and it’s success is not a product of what he is but rather, who he is, then it was time for the big reveal.

The video, projected onto a big screen at the back of Flowt, was played twice, each time receiving a myriad of cat calls and hoots from the audience as each scene reveals amazing landscapes from the nothern side of the island all the way down to the Grenadines, with the most response towards a scene of Rodney Small playing the pan on the lip and in the crater of La Soufriere. The presentation ended with thank you’s and “big ups” to sponsors, stakeholders and everyone who was involved in or contributed towards the making of the video. A reminder was also issued that there will be a social media comeptition where persons will be asked to guess the location of every scene in the music video, something Glen Beache oputline in his speech. This is to promote the Tourism Authourity’s Staycation initiative – highlighting and marketing SVG as a place where even the locals can vacation. The winner of the competition will receive a fully paid staycation. The event closed with a series of beautiful renditions from Rodney Small and his band.

The internet launch and debut of the “This Island is Mine” music video is scheduled for this Friday, 23rd of October at the LIME promenade.