A huge thanks is in order to Master P from Uncle Snoop himself. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, the left coast native dated back to the time in 1998 where he walked away from Death Row and Master P scooped him up with no hesitation to become a signee of No Limit Records. Snoop openly admits that the gesture had a huge and helpful impact on his career.
“I credit him for saving my life, giving me a second chance, teaching me the business, enabling me to be Snoop Dogg and have fun and live and not have beef and have controversy in my life and allowing me to find my way to happiness,” said Snoop. “That’s what Master P did for me.”
The rapper also took the time to share his thoughts on the summertime blockbuster hit, Straight Outta Compton, and how he felt about his portrayal in the film. “It’s one of the greatest movies ever made,” he expressed. “N.W.A. is a group that deserves to have its story told to the whole world. I grew up a fan of them and being able to watch that movie was an awesome depiction of who they were and what they were.”