Fast & Furious star Paul Walker is a new entry in the latest Forbes list of top-earning dead celebrities.

Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013, earned $10.5 million over the past year and is in ninth place.

Michael Jackson is number one for the third year running, with takings of $115 million, down from the estimated $140 million he earned in 2014.

Here are the top 13 celebrities on the Forbes list:

Michael Jackson: $115m (£75m)
Elvis Presley: $55m (£35.8m)
Charles Schulz: $40m (£26m)
Bob Marley: $21m (£13.7m)
Elizabeth Taylor: $20m (£13m)
Marilyn Monroe: $17m (£11m)
John Lennon: $12m (£7.8m)
Albert Einstein: $11m (£7.1m)
Paul Walker: $10.5m (£6.8m)
Bettie Page: $10m (£6.5m)