Beenie Man is making one thing clear to Vybz Kartel’s massive fan base, is dancehall is not in prison.

The dancehall legend sat down for an interview with Nightly Fix where he opened up about dropping a new album and the current state of the genre.

“No one man never run dancehall,” Beenie Man said. “Music bigger than Kartel, music bigger than me, stop the foolishness.”

Beenie Man added that he was offended to be told that dancehall is dead without Vybz Kartel.

“So basically what you’re saying is that dancehall music lock up in prison,” Beenie added. “That is foolishness… Kartel fans be Kartel fans and leave the music alone. Stick to talking about Kartel and don’t talk about the music. Because if dancehall locked up in jail then why the rest of the other artists them on tour can somebody please tell me? Why music is still playing? Why me have hit songs today if dancehall lock up in jail?”

Back in 2013, Vybz Kartel famously stated from behind bars that dancehall is in jail and that all the other artists are just pathetic.

The dancehall hitmaker got a lot of bashing from several other dancehall artists who disagreed with his statement. Nevertheless, Kartel was unapologetic about his statement that dancehall is dead without his presence.