The Cuban government has green-lighted the island’s first major music festival. Cuban rapper Alaine Garcia Artola along with his friends Harry Follett and Jenner del Vecchio are set to make una revolución musical a dream come true with the inaugural MANANA Festival. The two-day event to be held in Santiago de Cuba would help preserve the traditional roots of Cuban music and support the local artists who work to keep it a living tradition.

The plan is to create an environment for a cultural and musical exchange, while exposing new and hopefully younger audiences to the music. As political relations between the United States and the Caribbean nation improve, young artists are fueling the fire for a musical revolution. The non-profit fest may incite political and social change, but will work hard to maintain Cuba’s traditional music, especially rumba.

If the trio make their goal on Kickstarter, MAMANA would be held next year on May 4-5, at the Heredia Complex along with numerous less formal spots around the city. Confirmed performers would include dubstep pioneer Mala, Puerto Rican electronic rumba outfit Grupo ÌFÉ, tropical DJs Sofrito, and master Cuban rumba group Obba Tuke. All international visitors are welcome and residents of Cuba will be offered a discount to ensure the festival is accessible for everyone.

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