New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has ordered fantasy sports companies FanDuel And DraftKings to cease-and-desist operations in his state.

Could music streaming services Spotify and YouTube be the next corporations to face sanctions from the N.Y. Attorney General?
If it were up to musician David Lowery, the answer would be yes. The co-founder of the band Cracker has sent a letter to Schneiderman requesting the chief legal officer of New York investigate Spotify and YouTube for not paying out royalties to songwriters.

Spotify, YouTube, and other digital streaming outlets have been heavily criticized in recent years for unfair payouts to artists, songwriters, and producers. Taylor Swift famously pulled her entire catalog from Spotify, and Aloe Blacc revealed he only made $4000 from Pandora for a song that was streamed over 168 million times.

Apple was hit with backlash after reports emerged the company only paid independent artists 58% of subscription revenues. The tech giant also faced antitrust violations investigations in New York and Connecticut over possibly pressuring or conspiring with music labels to stop supporting “freemium” services such as Spotify.

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