Though the world will have to wait a little longer for Views from the 6’s 2016 release, Drake fans can now take a little more of the Canadian MC with them on-the-go because a new app called “Drizzy Tearz” has hit the App Store.

The mobile game, which was released on Tuesday (Nov. 10), calls for players to, of course, stop the “Jumpman” rapper from crying.

Ashten Winger, the game’s creator, expounded on the purpose of Drizzy Tearz in the app’s description. “Drizzy is pouring his Tearz into the rap game and you must stop him before it’s TOO LATE! Tap the Tearz to stop him from crying and don’t let them reach the bottom of the screen! Don’t be the worst, beat your best score and your friend’s! Use headphones to amplify the experience, the soundtrack is awesome!”

“Drizzy Tearz” is far from Drake’s first time in the App Store rodeo.

The “Hotline Bling” crooner has been available for download several times as part of a variety of hilarious apps including “Let Me Drake That For You,” a Google-style search engine that churns out Drake-centric responses regardless of what is searched, Celebrity Fan Quiz (Drake Edition), which lets players test their knowledge of Drake’s upbringing, personal life and career and Drizzy, an app that allows users to send their friends and whoever else applicable Drake lyrics as responses in those oft-dreaded but frequent times in which they are unsure of what to say next.