Rihanna’s very own branded marijuana line, MaRihanna, will be going on sale in Colorado the first quarter of 2016.

The line includes many different types of marijuana flower, including flavors like Karibbean Kush, Haitian Haze and Jamaican High Grade, as well as edibles and concentrates.

“MaRihanna by Rihanna is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and proud to be a pioneer,” Rihanna said, while speaking at the Cannabis Cup in Negril, Jamaica. “Marihanna is blazing a trail for the industry.”

Rihanna is no stranger to marijuana but she is new to the marijuana business. A longtime weed smoker, Rihanna has never been ashamed to let the world know how much she love the herb, especially the Jamaican ganja.

MaRihanna will be available in Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado pretty soon, and to the rest of the world as marijuana laws get more relaxed.