Lately there has been a lot of rumors and speculations that there is trouble at home for Jah Cure. The word on the street is that the Cure was having marital problems, with some publications even saying that the reggae crooner’s wife has filed for divorce.

Jah Cure is not allowing any of this to get his eyes off the prize, however, and the prize is the reggae grammy award.

Not only has his album The Cure been in the top ten on the reggae billboard chart, it was declared a classic by ABC News.

The album was produced by Jah Cure, which he said was a huge effort but one that he encourages all other reggae artists to do.

“When I look at the body of the work and the time I spend, I deliberately tell myself that I have to make a step to the next level, and if I don’t achieve that in this album, it means I’m going backwards. We are holding strong on the chart. Local artistes are not staying on the charts for more than three weeks, and I looked into it and say I’m gonna make a mixture of fusion music so that people across the world can relate. I am looking forward to the Grammys this year, whether I am nominated or get it, but this album is doing well,” Jah Cure said.

There are big challenges for Jah Cure to win the grammy. When it comes to reggae and the grammy, it has less to do with talent and more to do with name. The bias grammy committee always seem to reward the Marleys even when their work is less than average. To get nominated and win the grammy, Jah Cure would have to beat out Kymani Marley with his album Maestro.

Along with going up against the Marley’s, Jah Cure would also have to beat out British superstar Joss Stone, whose reggae album Water for your soul, sits at number 1 on the reggae chart.