For the third time in as many months, following up the private jet debacle & unpaid pyrotechnics from a past tour, Lil Wayne is having to face another lawsuit again.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is being sued by a woman, Shanise Taylor, for using her photo on one of his Trukfit t-shirts, which she apparently never agreed upon. Taylor admits she posed for a photo session back in 2011, but never signed off on the shirts, and furthermore, she never would want her image “on apparel associated with misogyny and violence.” She also reportedly says Trukfit edited the photo to make her look like she’s not wearing any underwear on the t-shirt, something she has on in her modeling shoot (see pics in gallery).

Linking up with the Mase Lara law firm in Miami, Taylor claims she’s been humiliated, and wants the shirts to disappear entirely, not to mention that she’s also trying to get paid an unspecified amount for her trouble of course too.

Wayne has yet to comment on the matter, and he probably won’t (rightfully so).