Everybody’s on pins and needles wondering which “direction” Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will go in when it comes to naming their son — after all, daughter North’s unique moniker is a tough act to follow. But rumor has it the couple’s chosen name for baby #2 isn’t so different!

According to a “close family friend” (via the Daily Mail), the pair will continue the whole navigational thing with their second child:

“Easton is the chosen name. It’s confirmed that the baby boy will be called Easton.”

Well, there you have it! Sort of adorable, actually, and even if this is still technically a rumor, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it turned out to be true. After all, the Kardashians do love themed names (if starting every name with the letter “K” can be considered a theme). And the East thing makes sense, since Kim did mention in an NPR interview that South is her least favorite direction.

“I don’t like South West, though, because that’s like, you know, North will always, you know, be better and be more … she has a better direction,” said the star.

Totally, Kim. I totally hear you. Easton it is! Or maybe not. Because what Kim said to Shaquille O’Neal on his podcast would seem to suggest that the current buzz is completely unfounded:

“Why just add another direction? North is the best. I don’t want to try to duplicate that with a lower direction, you know?”

Sure. Sure, I know. But is East really lower than North? It’s just sort of different. South IS lower. It’s like, the lowest. So I think we can safely rule that one out. But Easton still seems like a possibility. Especially because Kanye reportedly wanted to name the baby plain old “East.” (Come on, Kanye, have a little vision! You don’t want your little boy to be toooo matchy-matchy with his big sister.)

Either way, we only have to wait about five more months for the big reveal!
-The Stir