Nicki Minaj sports several “exquisite pieces.”

With yesterday being the official release off the “Nicki Minaj Couture Collection,” Nicki went to Instagram yesterday to post several pictures of herself and others modeling the new clothes (pictures below). This is another collaborations with Kmart and an upgrade to the already successful “Classic Collection.”

According the press release “The Couture Collection features elegant fabrics, supple leathers and sexy laces sourced from Europe and beyond. These exquisite pieces are all limited-edition, so act fast to bring a stylish slice of the runway into your closet today.”

So, if you have the need to look like Niki, I would run to your nearest Kmart ASAP. The official release date of the collection was yesterday (Nov 27, 2015), and stock is limited.

Enjoy some pics of the collection below and for more hit up the official website The Nicki Minaj Collection or specificly the Couture Collection.