While Big Sean was in Dubai last week, burglars reportedly broke into his home in the Valley and took some very valuable possessions. According to TMZ, the thieves went straight for the home’s “mini-vault” and managed to nab an estimated $150,000 in jewelry. Sadly, some of Sean’s “unpublished music” was also stolen.

Sean’s team believes the burglary was the rest of an inside job, implying that the unidentified suspects knew exactly when Sean would be in Dubai and possessed a “clear layout” of the residence.

Earlier this week, Lana Del Rey found herself in a similarly unsettling situation when a so-called “infatuated fan” allegedly broke into her Malibu residence and camped out in her garage while she was away. The fan, who believes he has a “spiritual connection” with the singer, was ultimately arrested on felony burglary charges, reports the New York Daily News.

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