We all know who Tazs Angels are right?

The girls who twerk on Instagram everyday and chant ” Yo daddy wanna take me shopping” religiously. Well one of their former “sister wives” , which they call themselves, has just been arrested for prostitution! Uhhh yeah, prostitution….

23-year-old Ruby Sayed, Instagram model, former Tazs Angel and your #WCW has just been arrested on prostitution charges in Miami. According to reports there was some kind of sting operation going on and Ruby Sayed got swept up in it.

A few months ago Sayed was allegedly kicked out or left Tazs Angels. Since then she’s been seen posting pictures/videos and out in public with a man named Supa, who people were under the impression that he is her boyfriend, but in fact he has allegedly been pimping her out for some time now.

(Source – hot97.com)