The Weeknd has had quite an impressive run this year. With the release of his third studio album, Beauty Behind the Madness, the Toronto native has found a home at the top of the charts. Part of that success can be attributed to his single “The Hills.”

The Illangelo and Mano-produced melody arrived in May and is still going strong since its debut. But news concerning the mega hit might tarnish its pristine reign. According to TMZ, Cutting Edge Music filed a lawsuit against The Weeknd for allegedly using a certain sound from the movie named The Machine. The company scored the aforementioned film and also said a producer of “The Hills” even recognized one of the composer’s on Twitter by sharing a compliment over the sound in question.

The company has yet to announce the amount of compensation they’re seeking from The Weeknd, but they stated they never gave the “Often” singer the green light to use the melody.