Nicki Minaj is standing by her man’s side when he needs her most. She testified that she would help Meek Mill walk a straight line and stay out of trouble during his parole violation hearing in Philadelphia on Thursday, December 10.

“He’s not perfect but I can’t believe how much he’s changed,” Minaj said, according to the Associated Press.

Prosecutors argued that Meek, real name Robert Williams, violated his parole stemming from a 2009 drug and gun case by repeatedly changing his court-approved travel schedule. The judge in the case said the “House Party” hit maker had submitted a suspicious urine sample.

His attorney, Frank DeSimone, told Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley, that the music industry keeps his client very busy and things often change regarding where he will be. He added that the 28-year old was not trying to purposely be disrespectful.

DeSimone also said that Meek and Minaj were serious about getting married.

Minaj posted two photos on her Instagram page Wednesday, December 9, sporting a rock on her finger, leading many to believe the two had gotten engaged.

Prior to today’s hearing Meek vented on his Instagram page that he’s been dealing with this case for 9 years.

“I’m actually fighting for my life and freedom … Something I’ve been going thru from a case I caught at 19 years old and been on probation since… I am 28 now,” he wrote. “It’s funny to see people on the internet laughing and joking about me and my family going thru these things, it’s just shows me where the world is at nowadays! But if you are for me prayers up and wish me the best! Thank you to everybody that ever supported and I will continue to b great! If this is my last post know I will continue to remain strong and grow to b a better man and set a example for every minority with a dream that anything is possible! Trials and tribulations and chances makes chances & never lose faith! No matter how things go. PRAYERS UP!!”

He’s due back in court on December 17. If the judge decides that Meek has violated his parole he could be headed back to jail.

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