Everyone is focused on Nicki Minaj’s new ring. While Nicki did say the ring was a birthday present, we can’t help but speculate that a wedding is in their near future. However, it turns out there is one person that doesn’t think they should get married: Noel “Detail” Fisher. In case you forgot, the Young Money in-house producer worked with Nicki on “Tapout” and “Lookin Ass.” He also produced Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love,” which is fitting since the producer was caught pretty inebriated when exiting West Hollywood club Henry’s last night.

The producer was bamboozled by photographers, with one asking, “Do you think it’s a good idea for Nicki Minaj to marry Meek Mill?” He quickly fired back, “Don’t marry Meek!” He then breaks out in dance wearing a top hat and a cane because obviously. Watch it all go down above courtesy of TMZ.