A St. Lucian living in South Africa has launched her collection of black dolls for Christmas. International model Mala Bryan’s “Malaville” is a collection of fashionable dolls that evolved from the “dolly world” she created for her Instagram page.

Bryan, 33, revealed her collection of black dolls via her social media sites in November 2015. The dolls have since gone viral and has become very popular on social media.

The international model hails from the small community of La Pointe, Mon Repos but also lived in Vieux Fort. According to her, it has always been her dream to create her own doll collection.

“My inspiration to start the Malaville Debut Collection dolls came because as a doll collector I found it very hard to find different black dolls with ethnic hair to add to my collection. And I realized I was not the only one having that issue but other adult collectors and parents wanting to add diversity to their children’s doll collection. So I started the collection with 4 different brown skin tones dolls, the next collection I will add different tones,” she said.

Bryan says her dolls are unique because she designed them from scratch.

“I chose the eye shapes, skin color, their features I designed them all. I made them also with little to no makeup because I wanted their natural beauty to stand out.”

The excited model and doll creator told Daily News that the dolls are not just for children. In fact, she says, some of her creations are also tailored to suit adults who love to collect dolls.

“For the adults I would love them to be able to play with the dolls and feel stressful situations disappear and for them to be able to connect with their inner child, that is something I believe is very important.

“For the children, I love the fact that finally I’ve been able to create a doll that many young black and brown girls can relate to and many children of other races can now have a black and brown doll to add to their collection. The dolls were created for everyone, both young and old, black and white, brown and yellow,” she explained.

When asked whether St. Lucians will be able to purchase her dolls, Bryan excitedly told Daily News that a shipment had just left for St. Lucia while she was speaking with our reporter.

“I was just about to announce it,” she said. Mallville dolls can be purchased online at www.malavilletoys.com. Bryan says her company ships worldwide.