Monday night (Dec. 14) was the premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and while we’re excited for the movie and everything, we were a little bit more excited about what Zendaya was wearing. Leave it to a budding fashion icon to make a completely see-through skirt something you could wear around your Grandma while still looking chic.

Zendaya showed up wearing a clear skirt embellished with oversized crystals. While the layman would approach this with no idea how to wear it, Zendaya is no fool — especially when it comes to fashion. She paired it with a long, gray turtleneck dress, layering the skirt over it. Think “Hotline Bling” with more actual bling.
Not only did Z make a see-through skirt work, but she made it fairly modest. It’s a look you could wear everywhere from out with friends to work to hanging out with your family over the holidays. Well, done girl. Well done.