LESS than a week after surrendering to Christ, the once raunchy deejay Lady Saw hit the infamous ‘Back Road’ in Portmore St Catherine, a strip known for open prostitution and cheap motels, to deliver a message from God to a particular lady of the night.

The popular entertainer, who’s been a talking point since getting baptised last Monday, told the Jamaica Observer after Sunday morning worship at Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road in Kingston, yesterday, that God has already started to use her.

The 43-year-old, whose given name is Marion Hall, said she was in bed Saturday night when God gave her a message to give to a prostitute on Back Road (Port Henderson Road), whom she was informed recently got saved and is planning to get baptised.

“…I went by Back Road ’cause that’s where He sent me and He gave me a name. For God to give me a name out of everybody’s name and… that was a unique name, not really a common one,” Hall said.

“When I started asking for her, everybody was saying, ‘Yeah man. One girl weh seh she a go baptise tomorrow. She work up a da building deh.’ So all of them come and one say, ‘Me hear bout har; she jus’ give har life to God,’” Hall related.
Hall, who had gone with her brother, said it took her 10 minutes to locate the young woman.

“But she say, ‘It’s not me.’ But I told her, ‘Is you God send me to,’” Hall recounted. “I prayed for the person and embraced her and said, ‘Lord, whatever you send me here to do for this person, just put words in my mouth,’ and I did what I had to do and go home.”

While searching for the young woman, Hall said she heard one person laughing. She said she was not offended, as she remembered how Jesus and His disciples were also ridiculed.

Hall, who decided to convert to Christianity during last Monday’s funeral service for singjay Jordan ‘J Capri’ Phillips, who died days after a motor vehicle accident, spoke about another message she received from God for a friend.

“…When I tell him, he cried and I was like, ‘God, I don’t want to do this. Why you doing this God?’ For Him to use me like that after where I am coming from and what I’ve done, it shows that no matter who you are and what you have done, and your past sins, God accepts you and He has use for you,” she said.

(Source – jamaicaobserver.com)