It is less than two weeks until 2016 and there is yet another plot twist in the Vendetta camp, this after popular Dancehall enigma Alkaline uploaded a new photo as he celebrated his 22nd birthday on Saturday night.

The photo which was uploaded to his Official Instagram account to his 106k followers sees the “Champion Boy” deejay rocking a new gold locks in a club while smoking.

However what was shocking to his fans was the absence of his trademarked alleged tattooed eyes.

“No tats? Wtf -_-” one fan commented on the post

While another added “I thought his eyes were tatted? Thanks for the lie alkaline😉”

Other comments stated “Same thing me a think to wonder if my eyes are fooling me”

“Jah know star…. This youth is a genius… He know how to stay relevant”

Not shocking to our news team as Dre1alliance reported in July that Alkaline was spotted without his eye contacts.

Sources then told us that Alkaline was “hoping to reveal that his entire controversial image was a scam to once again gain so much needed attention like he did back in 2013 or perhaps return to school.”

Soon after former friend Kranical and upcoming Artiste exposed the Deejay saying he was the one who asked his mother purchased the contact lens to give him the trademark ‘black eyes’

Last week Dre1alliance reported that the Artiste recently deleted all his photos from his Instagram account, all but three photos, two blanks and a photo of him posted 2 weeks ago with him wearing shades.

Alkaline, real name Earlon Bartley also unfollowed everyone on the popular photo sharing app (he was only following a few friends, family and team members)

Back when Alkaline entered the Dancehall scene is 2013, Alkaline said, his eyes were tattooed and it was a new look for dancehall, speaking with Entertainment Report’s Anthony Miller he stated the procedure was very painful however it would be beneficial to his career.

” Yea it did painful but pain is temporary”

When asked why he did it, he said it was done to distinguish himself form other artiste, as they have many persons looking for the big break, hence he used the tattooed eyes as his stepping stone into the music industry.

Alkaline also said then that the process could have been easily reversed if it posed any serious health issues, while declaring he was not influenced by Tommy Lee Sparta and his father gave him his blessing while his mother disapproved.

Since 2013 Alkaline released many chart topping singles; Champion Boy, Things Take Time, Fleek, How It Feel, Weh Wi Ago Do, Sheg Up and Live Life. While having a catalog of controversy and beef with fellow Dancehall Artiste, such as Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Sparta, Kalado and many more.

Many Artiste have bashed the Deejay saying his eyes were indeed contacts in several diss songs, also his image was not good for the dancehall culture and his lyrics were distasteful to say the least.

Last month it was reported that he was allegedly going blind after his eyeball reportedly got infected by his tattoo, however now we finally know the truth and it seems there’s more to come.