Lady Saw says God has told her that she will operate her own church.

The 43-year-old entertainer, whose given name is Marion Hall, said she got the revelation last Monday at the thanksgiving service for late singer, J Capri.

“I was talking to God and ah seh, ‘God, if a give up all a this, wah mi ago do? How mi a go survive?’ and He said, ‘Church’,” Hall recounted after yesterday’s morning service at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road where she was baptised.

Hall recalled the lyrics to one of her songs in which she sang about having a church and that “it nah lock til early morning”.

“Ah remember the line that said, ‘People a go drop when mi a perform, people a go shock wen mi baby born’,” she said, quoting the lyrics of the song.

“But I now realise what the baby is: it’s me, the new person … so I know I am going to have a church someday. God a go work it out,” she insisted.