As Twitter continues to adopt some strikingly Facebook-esque design changes, Facebook aims to widen its reach with the launch of the long-in-development Facebook at Work. Essentially a business version of the original site increasingly favored by grandparents and your third cousin’s awful Nirvana cover band, the Daily Dot reports that Facebook at Work will finally receive a wide launch in 2016. Note to all the basics out there: Candy Crush will reportedly have no part in this alternative Facebook.

“The fundamental idea behind Facebook at Work is that a more connected workplace is a more productive workplace,” Julien Codorniou, director of global platform partnerships for Facebook’s business-friendly sibling, tells the Wall Street Journal. “When we feel that we have tested the product and our assumptions in as many industries and geographies as needed, we will be ready to launch.” Though a general 2016 launch window has been confirmed by Facebook, further specifics regarding the service’s public debut have not been revealed.

Though Facebook has been using Facebook at Work internally for “the past several years,” around 300 companies have started participating in a trial program during the past six months aimed at improving the service prior to its eventual launch. “The Facebook at Work platform has several advantages—perhaps the most obvious is that it’s a familiar user experience and environment for most people,” Adam Clyne, of marketing agency Weber Shandwick, tells AdWeek. “The learning curve for adoption is shorter because people generally know how to use Facebook.”