Call it a slip of the fingers or maybe just a serious Twitter oops. Whatever the case may be, Amber Rose found herself in an unfortunate situation when she shared her 10-digit cell phone number on the popular social media site Monday morning.
While the tweet was deleted within minutes, it was up for long enough for some of her 3.1 million followers to call, text and make it ring non-stop.
“I just called Amber Rose and she hung up,” one follower shared. Another fan added, “That better be Amber Rose real number kuz I just texted her lol.”
Heck, we even tried calling but the phone number is no longer working. Hmmm, wonder why!

In Rose’s defense, she isn’t the first celebrity to accidentally reveal her all-important digits to millions and millions of fans. Charlie Sheenand Katy Perry have all leaked their number to the public.
But perhaps the one we can’t forget is when Today show’s Hoda Kotb showed her personal cell number on live TV.
When using her phone to call the new Samsung watch phone she was demonstrating on air, the co-host turned her wrist toward the camera just before the call went through. As soon as it worked, Kotb’s phone number lit up in front of everyone watching.

“Oh my god, it’s happening. Oh my god,” she said. “I have 20 voicemails. 22…23…”
If it’s any consolation, at least Rose was able to enjoy a nice Christmas holiday with her ex Wiz Khalifa and their son Sebastian. In several Instagram photos, fans got a glimpse into the family celebration that featured plenty of hugs and kisses.
Wiz & Bash
“Bash and His Daddy #MerryChristmas,” she shared online. “I think I have a very special boy on my hands.”