Body Specialist, Gully Bop, has been left bloody by his fiancée Shauna Chin.

A video posted on social media shows Chin locked in a car acting frantic screaming and yelling “Gully Bop a try kill mi people; him a mash up mi car… mi man a get mad… mi a go straight a police station.”

An angry looking Gully Bop was seeing walking around the car wearing red shoes, a black shorts and white marina.

In making her exit, Shauna Chin who videotaped the entire ordeal yelled “open the gate, open the gate” before arguing with a woman who apparently refused to assist her.

Gully Bop subsequently opened the gate and Chin made her exit.

In Shauna Chin’s explanation of the situation, she claims that Gully Bop has changed:

However, a Gully Bop with a bloodied face responded saying that Shauna Chin cheated on him in his own bed while he was away:

Shauna Chin apparently locked Gully Bop out of his house and assaulted him with a lock from a door in his house when he attempted to retrieve his house keys .