The Gully Bop and Shauna Chin fallout is growing bitter by the day.

Chin, who recently launched her own music career, is accusing her ex-boyfriend Gully Bop of serious abuse over their one-year relationship.

“Every time I said something to you (Gully Bop) about your career or foolishness that you’re doing you want to put your hands on me,” Shauna Chin said in a recent interview. “I am not devaluing myself for you.”

Chin also said that she is still willing to work things out with Gully Bop despite their bitter split. She also denied cheating on the viral dancehall deejay.

“A up at Panter son me and Bop live and there are a lot of cameras there so tell him to roll out the cameras since he believes that I am bringing man in the house,” she said in a video posted on her Facebook page.

She also denies having Gully Bop visa and other travel documents.

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