It looks like Tyga has found himself in some potentially serious legal trouble, as reports are surfacing that he may have inappropriately contacted a 14-year-old model named Molly O’Malia​.

OK! magazine originally posted the story back in December, which alleged that Kylie Jenner busted Tyga texting O’Malia. After rumors surfaced, O’Malia hired famed civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred​ to represent her.

During a press conference yesterday in New York, O’Malia spoke to reporters for the first time and says Tyga did indeed initiate contact with her through Instagram. At first, she thought he was interested in her music (she’s an aspiring singer) but she became alarmed when he continually asked to FaceTime with her. Allred added that while Tyga texted her client often, the two were never romantically involved like OK! initially reported. She also said that while the original report suggested that O’Malia was “excited to be part of a sex scandal,” that just isn’t the truth.

Allred aired out OK! and is blaming the publication for revealing O’Malia’sidentity; the magazine used a poorly pixalated photo of her on a cover. O’Malia also alleges that OK! never contacted her or her mom to use her photos and that they never would have allowed it if they did. Allred is now seeking a formal apology from the magazine to O’Malia due to her overall embarrassment from the falsified story. “People who are not well known—who are otherwise voiceless and powerless and feeling hopeless—have a right to have their side of the story. They have a right to do that. She is 14 years old,” Allred said.

It’s currently unclear if this situation will lead to a lawsuit and Tyga has yet to respond. We’ll continue to update this story as more details come out.

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