We’re not sure when or how, but DJ Khaled and his Snapchat has become a source for many laughs, and much inspiration, as Khaled has proven himself to be an unlikely, but fitting motivational speaker.

Tuesday evening (January 5) Khaled blessed Kim Kardashian West with a few gems, letting the television reality star know, no matter what they haters says continue doing you.

“Ayo Kim, they don’t want you to wear the St. Laurent fur. They don’t want you to break the store. They don’t you to be the biggest boss in the game, so what we ‘gon do is win more,” Khaled preaches.

Kim although silent, couldn’t keep from laughing. Despite Khaled’s encouraging words, they were still comical because…well it’s Khaled.

A Kim Kardashian West Snapchat may be coming soon, but until then peep the hilarity below: