aOn Tuesday, dancehall artiste Dexta Daps celebrated his birthday and the artiste received a viral surprise.

Some nude photos of the artiste were leaked and circulated on social media. Information reaching the STAR is that the person who leaked the photos is a European woman famous for exposing dancehall artistes.

In one of the photos, a naked Dexta Daps lay flat on his back, with his underwear pulled down leaving his genitals fully exposed.

“Due to how mi just see Dexta Daps naked pic.Yall gimme a moment ..he too blessed in too many ways daaaaamn,” one Facebook user wrote.

“I’ve always heard of them maga man who ah walk round with weapon of mass destruction,” another commented.

But while some have praises for the artiste, others were down right disgusted.

“Just nasty!” one user wrote.

Others lamented about the moral decay of the country.

“Boy Jamaica gone to the dawgs to Baxide!!!!!! Wow!!!!! Why the nakedness thou? Obviously anuh him tek it.”

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