Spike Lee is calling out The Oscars in a penned letter posted on his Instagram and Facebook today. Lee, an honorary Oscar recipient is fed up with the lack of diversity in Hollywood and has decided to boycott the Oscar’s next month due to the lack of black representation.
In the letter, Lee gave his thanks to The Academy for awarding him previously but asked how it is possible that all twenty contenders in the actor category are white for the second year in a row. He asked “We can’t act?!?” Lee wanted The Academy and his readers to know that him publishing the letter on MLK Jr’s birthday was no coincidence. This was him taking a position that his conscience felt was the right thing to do.
Outside of the Oscar’s being all white, Spike wrote about how executive offices in Hollywood studios and cable networks lack diversity as well. He brings up how far sports and music have moved ahead but how slow Hollywood and television are still behind.


Spike speaking out against this situation comes closely after stars like Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock, who is hosting, have spoke out about the Oscar’s being “so white.” We hope that The Academy is at least paying attention to this backlash and will do something about it!