Judge Abraham Clott, who is currently presiding over Bobby Shmurda’s case, has again denied the request for a bail modification. Today (Jan. 19), the New York City judge declined to reduce the bail amount from $2 Million. The “Hot Boys” rapper faces charges stemming from reckless endangerment, conspiracy to commit murder, and weapons possession.

Legal counsel for the Brooklyn rapper maintains that the current bond is based on an exaggerated amount. In the past, it was proposed that Bobby’s net financial worth was around $20 M. Alex Spiro, the lawyer acting on behalf of Shmurda asserts that his client’s actual assets come closer to that of $427,000, this according to TMZ.

With this figure in mind, Spiro believes that a reasonable bond amount would range from 50,000 – $100,000. Although Bobby’s bond has been denied seven previous times Spiro is reportedly still dedicated to getting it lowered. The 21 year-old Shmurda is set to go back to court on Feb. 22.

(Source – allhiphop.com)