Shaquille O’Neal is famous for many things. Most obvious, of course, is his 19-year-long NBA career, winning championships for teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat with his crazy 7’1″ stature and his mad basketball skills.

And for us kids of the ’90s, there was the magic of “Kazaam,” the family film in which Shaq played a 5,000-year-old genie living in a boom box.

But in his appearance on this season’s “Wild ’N Out,” Shaq may have uncovered something else entirely. During Wildstyle, a rap battle concluding every episode and this time opposite Nick Cannon, Shaq rapped the following: “You wasn’t the only one making Mariah hit them high notes.”


Did Shaquille O’Neal hook up with Mariah Carey before Nick Cannon was even in the picture? Probably not.

Shaq apologized right away (“Miss Mariah, I apologize”), explaining: “These is only jokes.” But the crowd went wild, making it a highlight of the season.

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