The decision taken by Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, to give her life to the Lord, has again come under scrutiny, with numerous bloggers suggesting that the former dancehall star should give up her ‘sinfully acquired wealth’ now that she has been baptised.

An excerpt from one of the blog posts, which was heavily circulated on social media recently, said, “Minister Marion Hall said her dancehall career was ‘working for the devil!’ Isn’t it a double standard that she defines the ‘devil’ as bad yet wants to keep the ‘bad’ money she received?”

The post was also accompanied by a picture of Hall posing beside her luxury vehicle.

As a result, a heated debate was sparked online between those who agreed that she should rid herself of the wealth she acquired through her dancehall career and others who believed such suggestions were ludicrous.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the former dancehall star known for her raunchy lyrics and equally provocative performances, she fired back at the bloggers, stressing that she was using that money to do God’s work.

“This woman [who created the post] is red eye and she is one of the devil’s agents because the devil comes in all forms. You see the same car the girl want me to give up, a it a do the Lord’s work,” Hall said.

Hall explained that she had just used the car for which she was being chastised to transport toiletries, hygiene products, and Bibles to a group of troubled females to whom she ministered.

She maintained that she would keep all she had acquired through her dancehall career until she was otherwise instructed by the Lord.

“The Lord is the only one that can judge me, and He is the only one I listen to. Until The Lord says give it back like He told me to give back the promoters their money, I will keep it and do His work,” Hall said.

She added that she was tired of the negativity surrounding her baptism and encouraged people to wish her well in her walk with God.

Hall also said that she had no ill will towards those who created the blog post because such criticism only strengthened her faith.