A judge has ruled that The Game has lost a sex assault case after he never bothered to answer the accuser’s complaint.

Priscilla Rainey – who was a contestant on the VH1 dating reality show, “She’s Got Game” – sued The Game for $10 million back in August 2015 for sexually assaulting her.

Rainey said that last May, while shooting the show, she went out on an after-hours date with the rapper. The woman claimed that she went to a local bar in Illinois where The Game was out of control and drunk and high.

She said that during the night The Game sexually assaulted her on several occasions, including him forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks. The contestant explained she never gave him permission to touch her and she felt degraded by the unwanted touching

The woman said she suffered physical, psychological and emotional damages due to the rapper’s actions.

Despite Rainey’s repeated attempts to serve The Game, and her contention that he was aware of the suit, the rapper never responded.

A judge Monday ruled in Rainey’s favor, and found The Game liable by default.

Now, Rainey will have to prove to a judge why she’s entitled to $10 million in damages.

Rainey’s lawyer told BOSSIP that the woman is still recovering from the ordeal.

“My client was damaged by the sexual assault,” Adam Horowitz said. “She’s been in therapy. Now, she’s anxious to tell her story.”