Drake is really out here looking for revenge, and not just from rappers in the industry. While the NBA All-Stars suit up for the courts, the “Summer Sixteen” rapper will be gearing up his competitive spirit for the ping pong table, in a match against, NBA legend Reggie Miller.

Drizzy has always shared his love for ping pong, posting videos of him in the zone on Instagram. Peeping game, Reggie Miller challenged him to a match. “Working on my NBA All-Star plans and my peeps say @Drake is a master ping pong player, maybe he’s up for a match,” Miller tweeted. Drake, who admitted to not being quit the veteran on the table as he is in the studio, took the bait and accepted his challenge.

It’s a little unclear how deep Miller’s skills in ping pong go, but after being a five-time NBA All-Star, it’s likely he knows a thing or two about competition. In any note, Drake will need to get his head in the game during All-Star weekend as the coach of Team Canada in the celebrity All-Star game in addition to his match against Miller.

Check out the back and forth between Drake and Reggie Miller on Twitter below: